Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday

We made it through another week! I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday. Here's my line up for the week...

1. McFlurrys!! We had McDonald's Monopoly coupons for free McFlurrys. I made sure we used them before they expired.

2. Taco Tuedaze at Tijuana Flats with friends. My favorite!

3.  New sunglasses!!

4. Saturday, my aunt is doing my hair for me. I'm thinking of changing up my hair color and I'm pretty excited about it. This picture is my hair inspiration!

5. We are going camping this weekend with a group of our friends. I really enjoy camping, so I'm looking forward to it. 

Hope you all have something exciting planned for this three day weekend!!!

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  1. I could go for some tacos right now!
    Stopping by from H54F!
    Come link up with us! Would love to have you follow along